Leonardo DiCaprio doing story field environmental movies

Another sign of story field work being done by mainstream big names:


Leonardo DiCaprio has produced, co-written and narrated THE 11TH HOUR, a nonfiction film about environmental disaster. “The movie is an earnest and instructive 90 minutes of interviews with experts ranging from Stephen Hawking to David Suzuki, and illustrated with film clips of world ecological disasters. “

The important point for us in the Story Field Conference comes at the end of the article, which shows DiCaprio is operating at the level of multi-media “story field” work. He is producing two movies — one nonfiction and one fiction — specifically to stimulate attitudinal and behavioral changes in viewers.

“DiCaprio said the main point of the movie was to take the audience to a place where they would want to take steps to get involved. It’s a call to action. And it’s an issue that DiCaprio isn’t finished with: He’d like to do a fictional movie about it, as well. ‘But again: it can’t be just a film about the environment for the sake of doing,’ he said. ‘It’s got to powerful and moving. It’s got to be good.'”

2 Responses to Leonardo DiCaprio doing story field environmental movies

  1. tree fitzpatrick says:

    Thanks, Tom, for pointing the story field out to us with examples like DiCaprio. It helps my thinking about story field.

    A suggestion: I suggest that when people register for The Story Field, that they be invited to subscribe to this blog. It should be easy enough to embed, for example, an RSS feed to this blog on the registration page. Then every time there is a post in this blog, folks coming to the conference would be notified. I do a lot of blogging and reading-of-blogs. . . and I know, form living in the blogosphere, that making it easy for your audience to subscribe is a simple way to build interest in your blog.

    Just a suggestion.

  2. tree fitzpatrick says:

    Also, you could put an RSS link right here on the front page of this blog. It is very easy to do. Go to customize.

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