New Story as Game Process

A storyfield is a set of common assumptions. Its a framework within which things happen. The storyframe forms the context, how we imbue actions and events with meaning.

We need a new story to live into. While I expect that the best of all is served when everyone expresses their own inspiration, there are common shifts in the paradigm that we will share, to express a new kind of culture.

Such as. Morality or ethical conduct. The old fashioned story has good guys and bad guys, and we witness a power struggle. Such is the sorry way of the world. New frame includes instead: good-buys and bad-buys. Actions, not people, are judged. And they are judged for their efficiency in accomplishing stated goals. Voting with dollars is the precision instrument.

Suppose we built a storyframe that expressed shared values like: economic conversion into sustainable ways. We make a game of it. We assign values with measurable scores. Measurable scores are easily had by tracing dollars spent.

How does this frame a story to live into? Community events, monthly banquets of local foods where players report and pool their scores, which easily turns into, commit their dollars into vibrant local economy. First category to count, falsefoods are the bad-buys, and local authentic foods are the good-buys.

The monthly game report banquet, open mike, fun good food, booming alternative party, could be taped, edited and put out as local entertainment for members to enjoy seeing themselves make progress, and if they desire, to share with the world to spread the Game’s values and promote decisive renouncement of stupid ways to take care of ourselves.

Six categories to measure, for the purpose of reducing score to near zero;
financial services
income taxes

The Game of Exchange is an integral part of an overall set of definitions about human identity and healthy boundaries and as such, gives us a genuine story to live into.

Read about this whole philosophy of positive change: Vital Energy Rising. This book shows the Game and a whole lot more.


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