The Darwin Project

Howdy; My name is Lion Kimbro. I saw this group today, they call themselves The Darwin Project, and they published a book(let) online, “The Great Adventure,” which they are billing as a “new story” about Charles Darwin.

This is very much one for the scientist-types amongst us, who aren’t so much into social drift towards more pagan / channeling / magical thinking / supernatural thinking, but who none-the-less can see the need for a new (still scientific!) interpretation of evolution.

It’s interesting in that, the vehicle they use to do this, is entirely based in Charles Darwin’s personal life. I think it’s interesting to contrast the interpretation given in “The Great Adventure,” with the interpretation of Charles Darwin’s life given in (say) Wikipedia, which is, as the Darwin Project would say, rooted in “old story” thinking of domination and so on. What is the truth of Darwin’s life? And will the Wikipedia article change to reflect this new story?

Interesting questions.


2 Responses to The Darwin Project

  1. Dear Lion,

    Thanks for the link.

    I love that my favorite mentor Ben Franklin was featured. The following quote below resonates with passion as a “caretaker” of our species. (Also, in my almost daily phone conversations with Dr. Jonas Salk (1985-1990) we spoke exactly on this topic. He said he worked for “Evolution Inc.” My passion for evolution of our species started back in 1975, I studied with astrophysicist Andrew Galambos, (father of the Libertarian political movement.). At that time, (I was 15 years old) I dedicated my life to building a new world built on freedom (“courage, intelligence and caring” and decided it was entirely up to me to make that happen.)

    In Ben’s words on the site you pointed me towards:

    “In establishing the Benjamin Franklin Press we have been motivated by a deep and driving anger about what’s happening to all the wonder and the beauty that could be your world—and to the intelligence, courage, and caring that must be yours as its responsible caretaker species”

    Lion-thank you for creating this virtual reality to share prior to the conference, what I am most passionate about.

    In my words”

    Creating a free society in the 21st century-building a new global nation without physical boundaries-profoundly connected to “the wonder and the beauty that could be your world”, I envision it as an “Island Garden” (my language) where all that are inspired to join virtually-this interconnected community-have communion with the whole living world connected. (AKA Integral consciousness). Together we are listening to the “one song” of the universe, each playing our part (our unique instrument) in the symphony of life in this form on this planet.

    Thank you,

  2. Lion, I explored The Darwin Project and do find it a part of our larger effort in Story Field development. I am motivated to read “The Great Adventure” to see how the authors develop their theme through Darwin’s life. A few months ago I re-read Eisler’s THE CHALICE & THE BLADE, since when I first read it in 1989 I was impressed with the story of Partner/Dominator, I was not impressed with her evidence. Since the book is not seminal I wanted to check on my first impressions. I still feel that our history is more complex, but Dominator certainly characterizes Civilization. My view has long been that we need to transcend Civilization.

    Lisa, I like the concept of “Island Garden” where a new humanity will emerge, a new nested network of relationships that are independent of contemporary societal orders (to be treated as a societal environment, with dangers and opportunities) but to which we have respect, but no allegiances. We need to replace, not reform, our old stories and old societal systems. We need the joy of creative emergence within collaborative community to shield us from the ugliness associated with the collapse of the old orders.

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