Troubadours of Transformation

A Beautiful r EVOLUTION
Troubadours of Transformation Shifting Global Consciousness

This is a workshop I will be leading in the fall through the Institute of Imaginal Studies…these are the ideas I’ve been thinking about. Though I think I know what I mean by these things, I don’t yet know how to make them ‘happen’ live in a group- something I think the conference will open up…

From pre-historic times the arts have ‘intuited’ and catalyzed the emergent collective consciousness. The artist has served as a vehicle for the transmission of higher order knowledge and experience, as healer, shaman and conduit of revelation. Today the Arts are often relegated to decoration, hijacked by consumerism and usurped by titillation and cleverness. In these watershed times we are called to dispel the sirens of glamour and follow the deeper call of truth, beauty and meaning. We are all called to become troubadours of transformation, nourishing the vitality of the inner life and awakening emergent higher capacities through our creative expression.

Discussion and hands-on play with creative modalities to foment:

• Discovering ‘Strange Attractors’: the power of images to make positive futures probable
• Shifting Cultural Meta-Narratives, changing the stories we tell ourselves
• Accessing the realms that are not linear, sequential or bound by time
• Tapping ‘super conscious’ solutions from deeper and higher realms of reality


4 Responses to Troubadours of Transformation

  1. lionkimbro says:

    I thought Ratatouille was pretty good, and it did pretty well!

    It features both glamour AND the deeper call of truth, beauty and meaning.

    I’d even say it catalyzes emergent collective consciousness, and serves as a vehicle for higher order knowledge, and experience.

    I highly recommend seeing it, if you can! Good stuff in there!

  2. suemosher says:

    Yes, Ratatouille is a must-see!! I almost leaped up and shouted when one of the rats says to Little Chef, “But it’s not in my nature to change,” and Little Chef replies, “Our nature *is* change.”

    I look forward to seeing it again and skimming off another level of meaning.

    And regarding danalynneandersen’s original post, the reason I am here is that I heard Michael Dowd speak and asked him afterward if any artists were being drawn into The Great Story. That’s when I heard about the conference. What neuroscience has been learning about the brain tells us that there are two modes of thinking and that we need both to comprehend and appreciate the world and each other.

  3. danalynneandersen says:

    Blue and Green- time standing still as we see with both ways of knowing…..

    Thank you!

  4. michaelschacker says:

    I believe we are in a time of transformational entertainment. Lord of the Rings is one example. I have written a musical that I call a Transformational Musical.

    Transfotainment will be a very big part of the paradigm flip that will soon be upon us all…

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