I am sorting though old floppies, to dispose of, and chanced to look at a BU file of an essay composed in 1986. The concept of “precision of fit” remains critical, and I often couple it with the concept of “sufficient action”. I copy/paste my old essay into my personal blog and present a link to it here. The essay goes into some of the precision of physics and biology to make the point that we need to consider such precision and complexity in our social systems.

Find this essay on my personal blog on WordPress:


One Response to PRECISION OF FIT

  1. John Abbe says:

    Nice. Fit also features in Paul Krafel’s Upward Spiral, a film i’ll bring with me and perhaps share at the conference. It gives an excellent gut sense of how systems work. While it’s explicitly about ecological systems, the implications for social systems are at least as rich. I invited Paul to come to the conference, but he is preparing for the new school year.

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