Every day my creative flow, my way of navigating from one project to another, is led by a mysterious river of energy.

I have learned to trust this river. It feels like fluid subtle positive electromagnetic energy. In whatever I am up to (writing, painting, creating jewelry, working with my assistant making travel arrangements, etc.) I am guided by this energy. When I feel the energy shift, I stop. Usually it’s because somehow it’s not fun anymore, or isn’t flowing with effortless ease. So I stop, wait and listen. I ask my internal compass to guide me.

“OK, what wants to happen now?”, I’ll inquire. Then I wait and listen. Listening for me is often seeing a image on my “inner screen”. And it also happens through an inner voice that softly whispers something.

So for instance, I am in my art studio creating a Floating Painting, following the moment to moment “instructions” from my inner self, as I paint away. Then it happens. The positive effortless ease stops. So I stop. I wait for my “instructions” and then move to the next “assignment”.

In the last month, it has been curious to me, that often I am led to the garden in the back of our house in Point Loma. I look around and wait until I see something light up, and think “oh this would be fun to work on, or rearrange in a fresh way”. Then I ask my inner compass, “May I do this?” I always get an immediate “yes or no”. Actually it’s more like I either get a “Yes!” with huge positively charged energy; or get nothing, the energy is dull. If the inner navigation is not the positive river of “Yes!” then I wait and continue to look around my environment and within, until I do get that “Yes” connection.

Often when I am in this still place and the next directive has not appeared to me, I will look inwardly. Instantly I usually see, feel or think of something delightful I might do next. When that inner image arises, again I ask, “May I do this?” If I receive a “Yes!” than I slowly proceed to follow a path guided by this river of positive energy towards my next “assignment”. Each moment “sniffing” the way along the “river” through my environment. Often I never make it to the goal of what I have seen in my mind initially, as something along the path towards that goal has “spoken” “Yes!” this is what want to happen now. My attention then follows this. Whatever wants to be done next, is done not by the separate Lisa sense of myself that sees the world through two other eyes, but the me who sees with the one inner eye. The me who is completely surrendered to a living force far beyond my personal self.

In this way my navigation, my goals and visions, follow a completely nonlinear path. Because of all my past conditioning of making lists, goals, project plans, this way of navigating life is radically different. As my mentor, Jonas Salk so often said, “Let intuition be your guide, with reason by its side”. I am doing this, completely surrendered to this positive river of energy . Since I have embodied this navigational process, my life is always filled with a vitality of joy, bliss and happiness beyond my wildest dreams of what is possible. It feels like I am floating in the sweet spot of a rapidly moving river of love.

Often I am led to the garden. There I work with my bare hands touching the dirt, planting flowers and gathering dead leafs to throw away. Initially the pull to work in my garden was a challenge for my mind, when it chattered “But I have such a full plate of work that I should do, is this the highest priority now?”. (Often I am spending 2 to 3 hours each day with my hands in dirt)

I have come to realize the value of directly touching dirt as it connects me to the whole living earth, the biosphere we live in (including dirt, water, air, insects, plants, animals etc. ). In my experience the natural world is connected to the whole of life on this glorious garden planet. By touching the dirt throughout my day, I also am touching the one life, outside my human sphere. The living earth is sharing enormous energy and information that helps me understand my place in service to all of life. I see visions of our human species surviving and thriving on this planet in the 21st century. However we MUST reconnect to the dirt and plants (the biosphere as a whole). We must sync ourselves with the living body of the whole earth connected, an alive conscious awakening universe.

Work with the dirt in your garden. It will help our species survive the challenging times ahead of us.

Love, Lisa


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