Story vs. Story Field?

I woke up this morning with the (obvious, yet somehow fresh) awareness that this is not only a conference about story, but about the story field. Of course we will work/play together to create new – and share old – inspiring, inclusive and life-affirming stories. What else will we do, to affect the story field? (story fields?)


One Response to Story vs. Story Field?

  1. John, the nature of Story Fields has also been on my mind. I just read again the initial conversation – click on the “Story Field?” tab in the bar under the heading above.

    What different Story Fields are participants bringing to the conference? How does one determine a person’s story field? Are story fields only aspects of cultures; can story fields be aspects of individuals?

    What are the story fields of the primary mass media — via a study of tv, radio, and internet offerings – which may be different from what we claim from our critical perspectives.

    Can we rely on osmosis to spread quality new stories that are components of the new story field?

    How may different story fields reception (people will be attracted to its stories) depend on their stages of adult development – as studied by Robert Kegan and the competing movements around Spiral Dynamics? Might these stages point to deep structure differences in story fields? For example, how people comprehend change and truth?

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