About this Blog

This blog is for all messages and meanderings of, by, and for the First Annual Story Field Conference. Here we can share, announce, appreciate, critique, talk, explore, say hello, plan, trip out, inspire, shake it up, and have fun together.

If you have a story, creation, or resource to share as an example of your story field work or to further the purpose of the Story Field Conference, consider posting it in the Story Field Conference Creations blog.


Community Spirit and Blog Moderation

We want this blog to be a respectful, interesting, spam-free space that most all of us look forward to coming back to over and over. It is set up to facilitate that.

  • Only registered Story Field Conference participants can submit blog postings here. If you are a registered participant, you will receive an invitation in which you click a link that gets you permission to post, once you log in to the blog.
  • WordPress users who are not Story Field Conference participants can submit comments but not original postings. Their first comment must be approved by a moderator before they get permission to post without moderation. This nips spam in the bud.
  • Any posting or comment may be edited or deleted by blog moderators if, in their judgment, it is inappropriate or deleterious to the well-being and intention of the Story Field Conference community.

After the Story Field Conference in August 2007, the community may decide to proceed with different forums or moderation standards.


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