The Now Living Field we Twin Wing with Everything

July 29, 2007

Thanks Larry for your posting yesterday, as it inspires me to share more openly through poetry:

In the great Joy of this Now,

Here in the Living Field of Aliveness Everywhere,

We can but Dance.

Story Fields are Jet Streams.

Circling the great roundness.

Human Brain Alive and Growing.

Unfurling flower bud Conscious,

Watching itself in Beauty.

We beyond duality,

In the One Reality

See clearly the Dance.

Ten thousand Tapestries

Woven into the center sphere,

Unity Silent and Still.

We are there Now.

Present awaiting the first strand,

This alive pulse guiding the weaving,

Form emerging from the event horizon.

Glorious creation arising from the empty Now.

Birth into form.

We witness the elegance of the pattern.

We dance in celebration.

We are not atoms

We are witness.

We see the story circling

Clouds around Planet Earth.

Dancing as Jet Stream,

More rapid that collective winds,

Jet stream are rivers,

Alive Consciously Charged Story.

Man made jets like civilizations,

Travel together in mass

On steel containers lifting us,

to new destinations.

While the One watches,

The great Mystery at Play.

The Friend is one Wing,

I the other.

Together we fly

On one Now Living Field

Nondual Butterfly


You and I,

Twin Wings now reading this.

You and I,

Can only fly with the Body,

We must sync in this Body Now,

To soar beyond the Jet Stream

To see from Unity.

The nondual reality.

To see Story Fields,

Moving clouds in the stream,

How fun to play!

Joy in the Flight Together on this One Body,

Love, Lisa


Visual Story Fields

July 28, 2007

Hello Story Field Friends-Most Not Met in Person Yet,

Fellow artist, Dana Lynne Anderson invited me to this conference. A major inspiration to attend comes from my passion, purpose and great joy to share (gather with my “flock”) as we fly to new territory in creating “a new world”. In 1979, I underwent life threatening brain surgery, which I was told I had a slim chance of surviving, and if I lived most likely I would be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. Instead I had a near death experience, and survived with no physical complications.

The visual story I saw in that experience has guided the rest of my life-the last 27 years since. In the N.D. experience I saw the whole earth lit up and glowing in a rainbow of colors. Each country and culture had a color and together from space viewing the whole, I saw the planet with a rainbow aura. The vision showed me that all countries and peoples are profoundly connected. The vision was so powerful, I knew I needed to express it. So I have been on a path since then to do so.

From 1979 to 1985 the primary focus of this expression was visual art. After that it was through helping others express the art of something deeper within them. Teaching creativity workshops, art therapy in hospitals, becoming a university expressive arts director, etc. All the while, also having a private practice with individuals doing a process I created called “Cocoon to Butterfly” about the art of transformation. My doctorate dissertation was entitled, “The Creative Process as Path”.  My work is an integration of psychology, spirituality and creativity.

Also along the path, mentors appeared to guide me. With Dr Jonas Salk from 1985 to 1990, we had almost daily conversations by phone about the New Story that he felt I would help create. His god was evolution, and he used to say he worked for “Evolution Inc.” He considered himself to be an artist primarily and a scientist secondarily. He created the Salk vaccine by imagining himself to be polio itself in the body, and then visually saw the how it could be defeated. He believed it was creativity that would solve humanities current challenges.

Another mentor, Francoise Gilot (aka Mrs. Picasso, who lived with Pablo for a dozen years and bore Paloma Picasso), I had the opportunity to spend a week painting with her. She is a deeply spiritual, intellectually brilliant artist, who taught me my Floating Painting process. (To view my art if interested go to Three months after that life changing week with her, I launched my first community event incorporating my paintings at the university where I was completing my BA in fine art. (University of California San Diego).

In 2006, after two decades of private practice, I decided to take a sabbatical. It turned out to be a two year process of both writing a book (The Secret of Twin Wing) and launching a 501 (c) 3, The foundation is dedicated to partnering with the planet to connect countries and cultures through creativity.

So I come to our conference with paintings and other creative expression, because they are both woven into my DNA “seeds” and a practical way I move in the current planetary story of commerce. My story is about art stopping the mind and unifying our world. I will present both 50 of my paintings and this message in Delhi, India in January 2008. (If you wish to see info about the “World Congress of Psychcolgy and Spirituality” go to my website under the calendar tab for a link to the India conference website)

Playing out the story of being an Integral Women in the 21st century, I see woman from every indigenous culture hand in hand with women from cities. I see us united as a circle. Together we hold in the wombs of our heart the baby of our new world. Together we instinctively know how to take care of our fetus, birth it with the help of our sister midwives, and raise it in our global village.

Men are by our sides in full collaborative partnership, however it is the feminine intuitive, fully connected to the instinctual knowing, that I believe is essential at this time in the evolution of our species. That we Integral Woman must take the “throne” into our full power as leaders of our people. We must shed our cocoon conditioning and emerge into the butterfly of our becoming. We have been given seeds of knowing within both our physical DNA and subtle universally connected DNA, that must be ignited and activated into action in our world.

The process of action, I call Twin Wing. It is a coming together, as you are one wing reading this, and I another wing. In between us is the one body. It will guide us to soar to new heights that we cannot see as our individual winged self. We must come together moment by moment in relational being and seeing,  verses objective seeing, to create a new story and a new humanity. One that is free and living in profound harmony with all of life.

New Language

July 25, 2007

curly rose

When I imagine what I would like to explore at the Story Field conference next month many thoughts crowd their way to the surface; I’ll share one, to start.

I notice I am longing for a new language with which to tell my story and invite the stories of others … a language of the senses that evokes an visceral experience as our tales unveil themselves.

In one context this means I’m looking for a language that can ground internet discourse in the natural world. An earthy medium of exchange ala David Abram that draws on the ‘matter’ of our bodies and the world as we experience it directly through our senses. A language that will remind us of the ground beneath our feet, maybe even help us feel the grass between our toes and smell the faint sweetness of the air as we commune with each other in our ‘connected’ freedom from geographic boundaries and gross societal bias.

In another context it means helping my colleagues in the World Café global network find new ways to share their stories – illustrating where, how and with whom this wonderful conversational process is being used throughout the world. I want to co-evolve a language or format that covers our academic needs for analytic rigor but goes beyond that to impart a sense of the spirit in the room and the magic that arises in the middle of the conversation; a language that can impart the passions and dreams of the people that have gathered to listen to themselves and each other.

In still another context I am looking for the syntax and grammar of a language capable of weaving together the multi-media of my own story. I want to share my viewfinder and initiate others into the mysteries I intuit within sound and motion, image and word. I want to sound the poetic drumbeat and call the muse of rhythm to attend my utterances, to illuminate the soundless silence of world-wise eyes staring back naked, I want to carry my listeners into new worlds on waves of light and sound.

All this longing … the search for new forms; I suspect it goes far beyond my personal quest, and hope that I will meet many fellow seekers and co-creators of this new language at the Story Field gathering.

Magical Conversations

July 24, 2007

I wrote a story entitled Magic in September 2001, which included my first encounter with Tom Atlee who has had a great influence on my life over the years. Tom facilitated the first conference/gathering that I organized on Strategies to Transform the Global Economy in 1998, and he also facilitated my 40th birthday party where I invited people to participate in a dialogue/circle to share their insights/revelations, examine the blind spots of our culture, and inspirations for transforming the system. When I first heard of the Story Field Conference, I had a burning desire to go- just for the fun of it, although it is at a busy time for me and also happens to fall on my birthday (and the birthday of my youngest son). My husband generously oferred to foot the bill as a 50th Birthday present.

I have always been a storyteller, among other things. When I was younger I also sailed around the world, and often joke that “The only thing sailors like to do more than sailing is talk about sailing.” It is true, and I think one reason we sail is that there is plenty of time for long conversations, and no end of experiences to be spun into yarns. One reason that I sailed was to discover the difference between the “story” and “reality.” I also learned how impossible it was to capture experiences and ideas on paper.

A lie is so easy to tell- by simply omitting half of a story, key facts. Our culture is awash with stories, and is extraordinarily ignorant of critical information about our history, current events, the global crisis humanity is facing now.

Since I saw a film in 1992, which prompted me to begin research into the CIA, I have been an activist, a media activist in particular, to raise consciousness about the missing pieces of the puzzle which are vital to understanding our past, the now, and steering us towards a hopeful future. In the process I have learned how to publicize, produce, organize events, conferences, rallies, marches, film premieres, films, radio shows, art contests, social movements. In 2006 I ran for Congress on a 9/11 Truth, Impeachment, Peace platform.

I played a leading role in questioning the official narrative of 9/11, and was stunned at the media silence and animosity (from the corporate and independent press) towards those who raised questions, and pointed out the stunning omissions and lies championed by the government, who used 9/11 to gain support for wars, the attacks on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the expansion of the National Security State to the Global Police State. To overcome censorship, I published the Deception Dollars which we passed out at anti-war rallies, and have become so popular, that donations towards printing costs were used to launch the 9/11 Truth Movement.

In 2006, I hoped to publish “Conception Dollars,” to promote my candidacy, as well as Anodea Juidth’s excellent book- Waking the Global Heart- Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love. Unfortunately, the artist had computer trouble and we were unable to finish the artwork in a timely fashion. We are on the verge, now, however, of publishing Issue #10 of the Deception Dollar- if I could come up with ideas/websites for Conception Dollar pointing towards the best solutions/ideas- it is in the realm of possiblity (The artist and I will be doing a radio show, Monday, July 16th, 7-8 pm PST-inviting ideas, improvements and suggestions for the next printing.

My challenge is actually never enough time, not lack of ideas. I am very hopeful that some great synergies/collaborations will come out of the Story Field Conference. I know how transformative and fruitful conferences/gatherings/meetings can be from past experience. One of my favorite quotes is “We are all beginners amidst beginners.” Each of us has vital truths, ideas, pieces of the puzzle to share. In the grand sweep of human history, and in the more intimate contemplation of our personal “coming of age” stories, the real struggle that I see is overcoming “Fear,” and finding the courage to “Love” or connect with our deepest selves, with others, with our society, the world. I think our real task is to recognize how much power we have as individuals, within our communities (remember community comes from “free exchange of gifts”), and to help others recognize their own power. A “leaderful” society is the best antidote to tyranny and the overt grab for global dominance that we have witnessed over the decades.

David Mathison, author of “Be the Media” speaks about the media renaissance currently underway, which has the potential to dramatically shift power relations as the big money institutions continue to lose their credibility and people begin to trutst their inner voice, experiences and one another more than the manufactured reality/fears/terrors that have been used to manipulate humanity in the age of mass communications.

I hope that in addition to dialogue, we will have a chance to show and see films, as they remain one of the most powerful tools we have to tell new stories, shatter culutral myths, share cheaply and economically across cyberspace and require such a mixture of technological, artistic, musical, psychological, spiritual, mental, political, narrative, creative talents. Fritjof Capra’s book, The Turning Point, became the film- “MindWalk” which was basically a conversation. There is a new film “Zeitgeist” that challenges our culture’s basic assumptions regarding religion, 9/11 and money that was posted on the internet; It drew a lot of attention, comments and suggestions, the producer refined and improved it from the invaluable feedback he received. We could easily have conversations which “deconstruct” the dominant narrative. (Remember the quote- “In order to believe in the American Dream- you have to be asleep.”) We could also spark a new view of reality by recognizing and articulating the sea changes of consciousness that we are all a part of. We could even film or record some of our conversations to spark to encourage ever widening circles, that share our intentions and hopes.

I appreciate the photo of Hokule’a, the canoe built to retrace the path of the first Hawaiians across the Pacific. I sailed to Tahiti, at the same time Hokule’a embarked on its maiden voyage to French Polynesia, and the image brings back memories, songs, as well as the sadness and disappointment some felt because those on Hokule’a could not replicate all the ancient ways of building canoes, navigating, and communicating.

We cannot recreate the past, only help navigate towards a more hopeful future.

Blog Posting Help Coming

July 11, 2007

Hi. I’m going to attempt, in a few postings, assist other novices like me in using WordPress for the Story Field Conferences. I am a newly registered member. Yesterday I received emails with links to make me (and you) potential authors to the Conversations and Creations blogs; but still there was no way to activate “write post”. Peggy just provided the hint needed, and this is a test.

Peggy: “I think we’re supposed to be seeing a dashboard that for some reason isn’t showing. Given that’s the case, you can post by going to and logging in. A screen will appear with a window on the right-middle that says:

Welcome back:


Links to your blog are below that. When you click on a blog link (e.g., storyfieldcreations), it takes you to a screen that has the link:

Write a post

And that’s the spot!”

Peggy’s instructions worked, it brought me here.

I see options to SAVE or PUBLISH. I believe the latter is necessary to post for others to read, and SAVE is if you want to come back later before publishing. I’m just guessing, as I need to read more about how WordPress works. I will attempt to compose, with help, a help MANUAL of sorts. This blog should focus on CONVERSATION re the Story Field concept and conference, so I don’t want to load it with techie help. But, this is where I am at now. I may not have answers, but feel free to email me at and we can mutually learn.  Now I need to learn to add a new category, BLOGGING HELP.

New Story as Game Process

June 17, 2007

A storyfield is a set of common assumptions. Its a framework within which things happen. The storyframe forms the context, how we imbue actions and events with meaning.

We need a new story to live into. While I expect that the best of all is served when everyone expresses their own inspiration, there are common shifts in the paradigm that we will share, to express a new kind of culture.

Such as. Morality or ethical conduct. The old fashioned story has good guys and bad guys, and we witness a power struggle. Such is the sorry way of the world. New frame includes instead: good-buys and bad-buys. Actions, not people, are judged. And they are judged for their efficiency in accomplishing stated goals. Voting with dollars is the precision instrument.

Suppose we built a storyframe that expressed shared values like: economic conversion into sustainable ways. We make a game of it. We assign values with measurable scores. Measurable scores are easily had by tracing dollars spent.

How does this frame a story to live into? Community events, monthly banquets of local foods where players report and pool their scores, which easily turns into, commit their dollars into vibrant local economy. First category to count, falsefoods are the bad-buys, and local authentic foods are the good-buys.

The monthly game report banquet, open mike, fun good food, booming alternative party, could be taped, edited and put out as local entertainment for members to enjoy seeing themselves make progress, and if they desire, to share with the world to spread the Game’s values and promote decisive renouncement of stupid ways to take care of ourselves.

Six categories to measure, for the purpose of reducing score to near zero;
financial services
income taxes

The Game of Exchange is an integral part of an overall set of definitions about human identity and healthy boundaries and as such, gives us a genuine story to live into.

Read about this whole philosophy of positive change: Vital Energy Rising. This book shows the Game and a whole lot more.

David Suzuki on the challenge and opportunity of story work

June 6, 2007

From an interview of Suzuki in Global Exchange, Spring 2007:

Kevin Danaher: What gives you hope?

David Suzuki: The fact that people have the power to assign meaning to things and then vigorously defend those things. I was at the Dome of the Rock in Israel and I thought, “here is this rock with so much religious and political significance, and it is just a big rock.” But the human mind is capable of ascribing sacred status to that rock. So if millions of people can assign great spiritual value to a rock because of stories they have been told, then we should be able to tell other stories that will convince people to ascribe great value to all the plants and animals upon which our very existence depends.

Thanks to Nancy Schimmel for this. Sadly, Nancy has written that she will not be able to attend the Conference.

Rushdie on democratizing the story field

June 6, 2007

“Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it . . . and change it as times change, truly are powerless because they cannot think new thoughts.”
— Salman Rushdie

Thanks to David Isaacs for this.

Shared universes and collaborative multimedia imagineering

June 6, 2007

John Abbe introduced me to the Wikipedia entry on shared universes which led me to one on collaborative writing, which took me to another on collaborative fiction. These describe the kinds of multiple-creator universes I imagine could be especially useful in building realistic, sufficiently complex imagineering stories to inspire and catalyze people to actually live (together) into positive futures — perhaps creating those futures as they go, through a juicy participatory feedback loop between Evolving Story, on the one hand, and Evolving Life, on the other.

In the “shared universe” article, one sentence in particular resonated strongly with my multi-media version of this possibility that originally inspired the Story Field Conference: “In a process similar to brand licensing, the intellectual property owners of established fictional settings at times allow others to author new material, creation an expanded universe. Such franchises, generally based on television programs or film, allow for series of novels, video games, original sound recordings and other media.” It isn’t so much the centralized “franchising” approach that caught my attention, as the expansive vision of what kinds of media could be woven into such a shared universe to carry its memes into the culture. There are probably many possible ways to organize such an undertaking other than franchising, many of which have not been developed. That part is up to us….

I believe that fictional (novels, comics, games) and non-fictional (factual, journalistic) media could intermingle such that wiki-like factual links to things like ecotipping points or cob construction — or links to news stories and feature articles — could be part of fictional works. On the other hand, journalists who focus on positive possibilities or participate in imagineering efforts could link to fictional worlds when describing people who are working on realizing those worlds, in whole or part.

Recently I finished reading Robert Lynn Asprin‘s novelish book of collaboratively written short stories about Thieves’ World which includes a fascinating final chapter describing how the collaboration emerged and proceeded. Also in Googling “collaborative novels” I ran across, Penguin Books’ experiment in mass-participation wiki-novel writing — and its juicy critique. It seems there is far more experimentation out there than I imagined.

I hope some Story Field Conference participants are (or become) well versed in these possibilities and can help catalyze something(s) exciting and creative along these lines at the conference. It seems like this kind of an approach could have a particularly potent impact on our culture’s story field.

Hello from the new registrar

May 28, 2007

Hello! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Cheryl Genet and I am delighted to be coming aboard to serve as registrar for the Story Field Conference. It is especially fun to work again with Peggy and Tom, whom I first met when I served as registrar for the first Evolutionary Salon, held at the Hacienda in central California, and inspired by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, and my husband Russ Genet.

The Shambhala Conference promises to be a unique and life-changing event. But nuts and bolts must always be attended to as well, so, if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions in regard to registration for the conference, reservations at Shambhala, or accessing the blogs, I am your…woman! Please feel free to email me at, or call me at (805) 438-4088. Looking forward to getting to know you! Cheryl